NM2 2019


About the 2019 Conference

The overarching goal of the second NM² Conference is to provide a unifying and mechanistic view by which an ever increasing number of neuromodulators, including monoamines, and peptides – the master switches – control genes, proteins, neurons and glia, dendrites, synapses, and emergent states in neural microcircuits across different brain regions in health and disease.

Building such a mechanistic view of neuromodulation encounters several fundamental challenges to consider:

  1. How do sensory signals, internal brain states, and computations in microcircuits, trigger the release of specific neuromodulators?
  2. How do neuronal assemblies and larger brain circuits respond to neuromodulators?
  3. How do neuromodulators shape synaptic plasticity and brain states?

To this end, the NM² Conference will bring together researchers to bridge a variety of disciplines using state-of-the-art techniques in different brain regions, towards the common goal of understanding the mechanisms and principles of neuromodulation and addressing the challenges above.

Our fundamental objective is to organize a dynamic conference that will highlight an up-to-date view of the neuromodulation of brain states, establish future directions, and attract new talent to drive forward this important field.

We look forward to welcoming all Conference speakers and participants.

The Scientific Committee of NM²

Srikanth Ramaswamy (EPFL)
Anita Disney (Duke Institute for Brain Sciences)
Michael Higley (Yale University)
Menahem Segal (Weizmann Institute)
Mriganka Sur (MIT)
Henry Markram (EPFL)

The third NM² Conference will be held in 2021 – more information to come.